Horses In Training & Breeze Up Sales disrupted by Coronavirus

Racing in the UK is looking more likely to resume on May 15th after a week of encouraging meetings with government officials. Racecourses are gearing up to hold meetings behind closed doors but what impact will closed doors have on Horses In Training and Breeze Up sales?

As the number of cases and the death rate from the covid-19 pandemic continue to fall in the UK some lockdown measures could soon be lifted. However, with social distancing rules still in place, the large number of people we’re accustomed to at sales wont be permitted.


Auction gavel used when auctioning racehorses for sale

The Tattersalls Craven and Ascot Breeze Up Sales have been put back until Tuesday 23rd June. The Goffs UK Breeze Up Sale will now be held in Ireland on 29th & 30th June. The forced revision of these sales has set breeze up consignors back by over 2 months.

The same can be said for the Horses In Training and Store Sales as Goffs UK’s Spring Sale of Stores, Horses In Training and Point To Point horses has been rescheduled for the week beginning 27th July.

The economic effect of the pandemic will no doubt be felt in the sales ring. Many existing and potential owners will have seen business take a sharp decline. There will likely be less money to spend at the coming auctions. It could also impact breeze up consignors as pinhookers as they look to reinvest at yearling sales later on .

On the other side of the problem there may be owners looking to raise cash by selling their stock. The nearest Horses In Training sale, the Tattersalls July Sale, is still over two months away. Any existing owners wishing to sell their horses to free up some cash will still have to pay to keep them for the next eight weeks! 

Racehorses for sale working on the gallops

What are the options for the market?

Leading bloodstock figures have been interviewed daily as part of a ‘Life In Lockdown Q&A’ for Racing Post’s bloodstock content over the past few weeks. There has been a general consensus that online sales will become part of the industry in the near future. 

All sales companies are said to be bolstering their online sales capabilities to be able to take bids online. However, this wont come into effect until they are back trading. For owners and consignors alike the coming months could prove costly.

Equivend’s online platform allows you to advertise your horse for sale now. The government is due to announce this week a potential date for the relaxing of lockdown measures. Travel restrictions could be relaxed making the viewing and sale of horses possible in the next couple of weeks.

Our platform will provide a solution to selling your horses quickly and at minimal cost to you. Waiting for a Horses In Training, Store or Breeze Up sale is going to add to the growing costs over the next two months or more. Plus paying the commission will cost you 5% of your sale. With prices already likely to be affected can you afford to give 5% back?

We don’t charge commission.

Advertise on Equivend as an alternative to Breeze up sales

The cost of advertising your horse with Equivend is just £49. This becomes as little as £29 per horse if you have more than one to sell. For this minimal cost you are able to upload photos and videos of your horses trotting up or even breezing. We’ll even throw in a Weatherby’s pedigree page for free!

With the quality of camera found on an up to date smartphone it is possible to produce a sales video of your horse in training or breeze up prospect and market it in the same way the auction houses are intending, for a fraction of the cost.

Advertising your horse yourself allows you independence. It allows you to put in place the measures you feel necessary to protect your health. When selling from your home or yard you can control who you come in to contact with.

Become independent and start advertising your horses today with Equivend.


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