Do I have to create an account before placing an ad for my horse?

Yes, you have to have an account to place an advert, this way you can log in and make changes to your ad

Can I make changes to my advert?

Yes, you can make unlimited changes to your ad, login to change or update details

How long will my ad be on the website?

We offer the option for ads to run for 3, 6 or 12 months

Do you offer discounts for advertising more than one horse?

If you want to advertise more than one horse, why not consider an Equivend Pro account and get discounts on placing multiple adverts.

How long does it take for my ad to be posted?

Your ad will be up and running in under 24 hours, we need a little time to make sure your ad looks great and to get your horse’s pedigree page made.

How do I pay for my a


You can pay for your ad using our secure online payment system powered by Stripe. We will send you confirmation and a receipt for your payment via email. If you are a business we can send you an invoice via email.

Will I get to choose which Jockey rides my horse?

Most Trainers will have jockeys that ride the majority of their horses who they prefer to use. Most syndicates or clubs leave the jockey booking up to the trainer, however if your syndicate combined has a particular favourite jockey it may be possible to negotiate with the trainer over who rides your horse. If you have a favourite jockey it may be worth finding a syndicate or club that has a horse trained by trainer that usually uses that jockey.

What happens if my horse gets injured?

It’s an unfortunate reality that racehorses do get injured from time to time. If it’s a minor injury then it’s just a case of sitting tight until the horse is ready to race again. If it’s a long term injury it really depends on what syndicate you’re part of and the terms you have agreed upon. Many reputable syndicates and racing clubs may offer to replace the horse if they are likely to be out of action for the season.

Can I sell my share?

This depends on the syndicate or racing club that you are a part of. If you actually own a percentage of the horse then it is likely that you will be able to sell your share when you want. If you are part of a racing club where you are leasing a stake in a horse then it is likely that you will agree to pay a subscription for a set contract length and may not be able to opt out. There are syndicates available where you can pay monthly to lease a share in a horse with no obligation to renew each month.

Will the horse be able to run at my favourite/local racecourse?

Generally speaking trainers will often run horses at their local racecourses so if you would prefer to stay local its best to join a syndicate or club with a horse trained locally to you. This also makes stable visits a lot more convenient for you!

Are Syndicates and Racing Clubs regulated?

The British Horseracing Authority put in place a Syndicate Code of Conduct in 2017 to regulate syndicates and racing clubs. More information can be found here

Do I need to become a registered owner?

You don’t need to become a registered owner to be part of a syndicate or racing club. The manager of your club or syndicate will be registered with the BHA. If you wish to set up your own syndicate you will have to become a registered owner, you can find more information on what’s required here

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